Portland Man Tells 911 Dispatch that Police are Not Allowed to Respond to Emergency

In a bizarre incident, a co-owner of a restaurant in Portland, Oregon recently told a 911 dispatcher not to send emergency dispatchers after he found an unconscious patron in the restaurant’s restroom.

The incident began when regulars at the Red & Black Cafe noticed that the bathroom had been occupied for an extended period of time. After knocking, and receiving no answer, co-owner of the restaurant John Langley used a key to enter into the restroom. There he found an unconscious man slumped against the wall.

Langley called 911 to report a medical emergency, but instructed the dispatcher not to send police to his establishment.

The 911 dispatcher who took the call informed Langley that protocol requires that “everyone” be sent, including police officers.

It was then that Langley reportedly said “If the police try to come in here, there’s gonna be another problem.” Upon arrival, Langley allowed the firefighters and medics to enter his restaurant and provide lifesaving care to the victim, but police were made to wait outside.

According to Sgt. Greg Stewart of Portland Police Bureau, police were not required to respond as a report of an unconscious person does not in itself merit a police response.

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Langley has a history of refusing police presence in his restaurant. In 2010 he kicked a uniformed police officer out the restaurant, saying that the officer made him feel uncomfortable.

Langley is a self-described anarchist, and says that this position means that he naturally opposes the police and the government.  Sgt. Stewart says that Langley’s verbiage on the 911 call could be taken as a threat, but did not indicate any charges would follow.

The victim was reportedly treated at a local hospital and later released.