How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Lamar County, Mississippi

The county of Lamar 911 dispatchers work directly with the county to help provide first responder services to the cities residents. They do this by directing their calls to the county’s emergency services such as fire, police and medical service departments. The main job purpose of a 911 emergency dispatch operator in Lamar, MS is to provide clear and concise information to emergency services. This objective is achieved by compassion, and empathy to the callers, and by gaining valuable information to direct all emergency services to their locations.

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Emergency dispatch operators within Lamar County, help individuals in need in such situations as above get the emergency services help they require.

There are requirements that must be met in order to get hired on as a new 911 dispatch operator in Lamar County, MS. Those requirements and steps include:

Meet Education and Job Qualifications
Apply for a Position in Lamar County
On-the-Job Training and Skills Development
Seek Additional Certification

Lamar County believes that customer service is the key to success in any situation. Because of this, they are always looking for hard working individuals for their emergency dispatch operator positions. While Lamar County’s crime rates are statistically lower than that of the states average, new dispatch operators are usually always needed to help provide protection and keep crime rates lower. Some of the more severe crimes committed within the county’s limits include:

  • Auto Theft
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Assaults



Step 1: Meet Education and Job Qualifications

Lamar County provides candidates a chance to apply for the position of an emergency dispatcher, but certain requirements must be met in order to apply. These requirements include:

  • Obtaining a high school diploma or a GED Equivalent
  • Must be a 18 years of age
  • No prior felony convictions.

Candidates are typically investigated thoroughly to make sure there are no disqualifying factors like that of domestic violence, or substance abuse. In some cases a medical and/ or a psychological evaluation may be completed, as well as a polygraph test.

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As an Lamar County emergency dispatch operator you will recognize you are a public servant and your duty is to serve with the most efficiency and the ability to be impartial at all times. The main objective of the Lamar County Emergency Dispatch Center is to support their citizens, firefighters and officers by helping to demonstrate conduct in a professional manner with a compassion and desire to serve others.



Step 2. Apply for a Position in Lamar County

If you would like to apply to become a 911 emergency dispatch operator in Lamar County, MS, a brief review of their county website will allow you to review the job description. A formal application can be requested by contacting the Director of Communications, Gay Smith at [email protected]. All telephone inquiries can be made to (601)-794-3568.

The Lamar County Dispatch center is located in the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and helps to dispatch for the cities of Purvis, Sumrall, Lumberton and an additional 12 volunteer fire department companies.



Step 3. On-the-Job Training and Skills Development

Onced hired on board as a new 911 emergency dispatch operator with Lamar County dispatch services you may undergo both classroom and hands on training. This training will include learning and gaining new and intimate knowledge of fire, medical emergency services, and fire terminology and operations. In addition to help enhance new skills needed for the position of an emergency dispatch operator, the training will include proficiencies at an enhanced level in:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Ability to mulit-task
  • Suicide prevention
  • How to mitigate and recognize stressors
  • All current dispatch procedures
  • Active listening techniques
  • Ability to work through hostage situations
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • Ability to remain in control and have absolute mental toughness even though the most challenging circumstances.

Dispatch operator trainees are typically required to pass through examinations to help them receive their proper operator certification. When the training period is officially over, new operators are usually supervised closely during a probationary period that can last up to a few months.

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In addition to the job skills above, some basic skills will be enhanced through repetition in training. These skills include:

  • Typing speed, and accuracy when recording key, essential information
  • Ability to keep all emergency services updated with what is happening currently
  • Recognition and memorization of codes required through the department
  • Interpersonal skills in providing calm and encouraging words to the caller, even the most difficult ones.
  • Ability to maintain important resource materials
  • Your ability to help track all field units, incidents reported and any complaints
  • Record keeping skills
  • Dispatching all emergency services to the proper locations

As an 911 emergency dispatch operator in Lamar County, MS you will be directly working with a TAC officer and the director of communications.



Step 4: Seek Additional Certification

To gain a better understanding of the emergency dispatch career, as well as the opportunity to advance in your position, additional certification is typically offered.  To help touch up on and add valuable information to your initial training, emergency dispatch operators can opt to take advanced certification in an Emergency Medical Dispatch program. This program is helpful in providing the framework and protocols that help to provide agencies with a quality standard of work through their employees. Some of the topics included in this advanced curriculum include:

  • The 4 phases of Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • Instructions for pre-arrival of emergency services
  • Common misconceptions about the career
  • Recommendations on dispatching procedures
  • Considerations for pediatric patients
  • Helping to assist in childbirth, gunshot wounds and other medical emergencies

The information for the county of Lamar changes almost on a daily basis. Because of this it is beneficial to stay up to do date with any changes in the county’s procedures, rules and regulations. Key updates may be provided quarterly or annually by the county to ensure that all employees have current information.

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