How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Gulfport, Mississippi

In the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, 911 dispatch operators are hired directly through the city of Gulfport to go to work for the Gulfport Police Department and the Gulfport Fire Department.

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The city of Gulfport hires hard working 911 dispatch operators to become members of their emergency dispatch team. Throughout the past few years Gulfport has seen an increase in thefts, assaults, and sexual assaults and the Gulfport Police Department has reported the crime rate to be higher than in Mississippi as a whole and significantly higher than the crime rate nationwide.

If you want to be part of the solution to Gulfport’s crime problem by serving as a 911 dispatcher, follow the steps in this guide:

Meet Job Qualifications and Apply
On-the-Job Training and Skills Development
Earn Required Certification



Step 1. Meet Job Qualifications

The city of Gulfport, Mississippi has a few minimum requirements that are currently in place in order to become a 911 dispatch operator.

  • As an applicant you must have a high school diploma, or an equivalent
  • You must hold a valid Mississippi Driver’s License and meet requirements to become certified with the state in Tele-communications
  • Experience in operating a two way radio or switch board is preferred
  • Experience with general typing duties as well as some clerical work
  • The ability to type 30 words per minute
  • The ability to work any shift including nights, weekends and even holidays
  • You must be able to maintain effective working relationships with employees, other departments and your supervisors even in highly stressful situations
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In addition to the above requirements, interested applicants must meet many physical demands that pertain to the job as well. These demands include:

  • The ability to lift and carry 10+ pounds
  • Hand and eye coordination with visual acuity
  • Ability to operate a keyboard and other basic office equipment
  • Ability to function and perform essential tasks while sitting, standing, reaching, twisting, walking and kneeling
  • Ability to do the job required while working in a high stressful, high noise environment

If you wish to apply for a 911 dispatcher jobs in Gulfport, you can make inquiries through the Human Resources department at 1410 24th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501 or by phone at 228-868-5831.

Office hours are between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.



Step 2. On-the-Job Training and Skills Development

When you are hired as a 911 dispatch operator there are special skills you will learn through the on the job training processes. These skills include:

  • Operating a telephone, radio and other essential communication equipment
  • Receiving calls that you must properly process. This includes gathering relevant information on the nature of the emergency.
  • Dispatch appropriate service personnel to the scene of the incident
  • Maintain radio contact with fire units in the field
  • Maintain status and gather current information about all units in and out of service
  • Understand signals and codes used by the department
  • Monitor alarms
  • Become familiar with general orders that are used within the department
  • Test radio frequencies and make routine announcements and provide relay messages through the radio
  • Maintaining a wrecker log within the CAD
  • Receive calls and give out information as it is requested by officers and the public

On the job training can be a bit overwhelming at first, but is an essential part of the 911 dispatch operator’s necessary training routines. As a 911 dispatcher in Gulfport you will learn to exercise judgment in performing routine duties under the direction of a supervisor. On the job training allows you to be put into the exact situations you will experience when on the job.



Step 3: Earn Required Certification

According to Mississippi state law, if you spend 8 or more hours in a 30 day period on the communications floor you are required by the State Code 19-5-353 to become a certified telecommunicator. To participate in this certification process you simply submit your inquiry to the State Department of Public Safety as they are responsible for conferring certification.

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The first step in the certification process begins with one of three 40 hour communication courses. Each course must be completed fully and successfully. A certificate of completion must be submitted with your application to the state for full certification. The second step is a process in which you complete an 8-hour field observation. This can be completed through a ride along with local law enforcement.

After your application is submitted, you will undergo a background investigation. After both of these steps are followed through and approved you will receive your certification, which is valid for three years time.

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