How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Windham, Maine

Located in Windham, the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center (CCRCC) provides dispatching service for both emergency and non-emergency calls for many of the communities within the county, including Portland, Scarborough and Brunswick.

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the certified professionals of the CCRCC to become a 911 dispatcher in Cumberland County, Maine.

Meet Cumberland County Requirements
Obtain an Appropriate Education
Complete the Cumberland County Application Process
Undergo Training and Obtain Certification



Step 1.  Meet Cumberland County Requirements

You must meet these requirements to obtain a position as a dispatcher in Cumberland County:

  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Be proficient at using computers
  • Know how to use Microsoft Office’s Word application
  • Be capable to operate a motor vehicle
  • Have good vision for both objects up close and those at a distance
  • Must be able to adjust the focus of your vision



Step 2.  Obtain an Appropriate Education

While CCRCC dispatcher jobs don’t specify the need for post-secondary education, obtaining this type of education will prove beneficial in preparing for the career.  The agency prefers that you have a year’s experience in public safety and have had experience in radio communications.

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One way to obtain experience and distinguish yourself from competing applicants is to get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field that provides knowledge and skills that would help with dispatching.

Potential areas of study that would accomplish this include communications, emergency management and criminal justice.  You can obtain these types of degrees from schools located in Maine or from the myriad of online institutions that offer training in these fields.



Step 3.  Complete the Cumberland County Application Process

Your first step in apply for a CCRCC job as a dispatcher is to download the application for this position when it is posted on the employment opportunities page of the Cumberland County website.  All of the job descriptions and applications are PDFs, so you should be prepared to have Adobe.  You have the option of applying online.

You will go through several steps as the Cumberland County Human Resources Office chooses candidates for this position, including passing the CritiCall exam.  This computer-based exam simulates call center activities to test your skills at taking calls and dispatching.

Additional parts of the application process include the following:

  • Background check
  • Vision test



Step 4.  Undergo Training and Obtain Certification

The state of Maine has stringent requirements for the training and certification of 911 dispatchers.  You must obtain the following certifications within a year of starting your job:

    • Emergency Telecommunicator Course
      • From the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED)


  • Terminal Operator Course
    • NCIC/Nlets (National Crime Information Center/National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System)
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The state requires that you renew your certifications every two years.

You must also complete a course in CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatching within a year.

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