How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Dover, Delaware

Of the 911 calls made in Kent County in 2011, over 97,000 were made to the county’s Division of Emergency Communications.  The remaining 29% were made to the Dover Police Department.  911 dispatchers in Kent County determine what type of service is needed and then route the call to fire, police, or emergency medical service responders.

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Follow the three steps in this guide to become a 911 dispatcher in Kent County, Delaware

Obtain an Appropriate Education
Complete the Kent County Application Process
Undergo Training and Obtain Certification



Step 1. Obtain an Appropriate Education

Obtaining a degree is one way to distinguish yourself from competing candidates.  Obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields should help provide you with the skills needed to be a 911 dispatcher:

  • Criminal justice
  • Fire science
  • Police science
  • Emergency medical training
  • Communications

You can obtain one of these degrees from state schools or from one of the many online institutions that offer such training to Delaware residents.



Step 2.  Complete the Kent County Application Process

You can apply for 911 dispatcher jobs in Kent County when it is posted on the job opportunities page.

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You will be thoroughly screened to see if you have the skills to become a 911 dispatcher.  This will involve the following steps:

  • Written examination
  • Typing test
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Criminal background check
  • Background security information



Step 3.  Undergo Training and Obtain Certification

Once you have been hired as a 911 dispatcher, you will be thoroughly trained in all of the aspects of your job.  This will involve learning to use the computer-aided dispatch system and perform the following tasks:

  • Answering calls for both emergencies and other situations
  • Determining the exact location of the emergency
  • Dispatching the proper agency
  • Dispatching addition fire personnel or equipment when necessary
  • Maintaining a constant update of the location, status, and fire ground conditions of mobile units active in the field
  • Contacting utility companies to shut off service when necessary
  • Maintaining logs and records
  • Monitoring security and fire alarms in the county
  • Operating the logging recording
  • Providing back-up service for the Dover Fire Department

To be able to assist callers with medical emergencies, you will have to obtain the following certifications within 18 months of having been hired:

  • Fire Dispatch
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch
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Having the emergency medical certification will enable you to help callers initiate medical treatment before the responders arrive.  This can include the following types of aid:

  • Airway management
  • Childbirth
  • CPR

You will have to maintain these certifications throughout the duration of your employment with the county.

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