How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Tucson, Arizona

Emergency dispatchers are referred to as public safety dispatchers in Tucson, where they dispatch fire, EMS, and police services as employees of the City of Tucson Communications Division. 911 dispatcher jobs in Tucson are directly involved in providing a solution to Tucson’s crime problem:

  • The murder rate in Tucson is 2 times the national average
  • The rates of assault and sexual assault are both higher in Tucson than the rest of the nation
  • The rate of robbery in Tucson is almost twice the national average
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There are a number of steps to becoming a public safety dispatcher in Tucson. These steps include:

Consider Your Education Options
Apply for a Position in Tucson
Complete Testing and Oral Boards
Pass Polygraph and Other Requirements



Step 1. Consider Your Education Options

You must have a high school diploma or a GED in order to become a public safety dispatcher in Tucson. In order to give yourself the best chance of obtaining a position in this exciting career it is best to seek a relevant degree.

Many of Tucson’s institutions of higher education offer majors that can be used to prepare you for your career as a public safety dispatcher. These majors include:

Health Sciences – Earning a degree in health sciences will help you provide lifesaving assistance in emergencies.

Public Health – A degree in public health will prepare you with detailed knowledge of how to handle public health emergencies.

Criminal Justice – Earning a degree in criminal justice will prepare you to work with your law enforcement counterparts. It will also help you better instruct callers on how to deal with the law enforcement community in such a way that the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

Public safety dispatchers in Tucson earn a starting salary of $15.32 per hour and incremental raises up to $23.48 per hour.



Step 2. Apply for a Position in Tucson

The requirements you must meet in order to be considered 911 dispatcher jobs in Tucson include:

  • Must be able to type 45 words per minute
  • No drug or felony convictions
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Spanish preferred

In order to apply for 911 dispatcher jobs in Tucson you must register with the city’s employment website, and follow the employment application steps.

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Be sure to provide complete and accurate information on your application so that the application process is not impeded.



Step 3. Complete Tucson Testing and Oral Boards

If you are selected for the first round of testing and interviews you will be notified by email. The results of these tests will be emailed to you. Be sure to enable your email service to receive emails from [email protected]. The first round of testing will include an audio portion which will require you to demonstrate that you have sufficient hearing in order to complete your job functions.

After you successfully pass the hearing portion of your testing you will be given a computer simulation of the emergency dispatch environment. You will need to demonstrate your ability to successfully navigate this environment in order to proceed to the interview portion. More information about the testing procedure and instructions will be given before each test is taken.

Finally, if you pass both of these tests you will be given a time slot to interview (oral boards). You will have a chance to select this time upon being notified of your successful completion of the practical assessments.



Step 4. Pass Polygraph And Other Requirements

After completing your practical assessments and your oral boards you will be given an overall score. This score will be composed of 5% from your previous training and experience, 40% from your oral board performance, and 55% from your practical assessment performance. You will be placed on an Employment List with this score.

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After being placed on the Employment List you will be subject to:

  • An extensive local, state, and national background check (to include fingerprint)
  • A polygraph (lie detector) test, which will cover the information included in your application.

After successful completion of all the above you may be given a conditional employment offer subject to the successful completion of:

  • A pre-employment medical screen which includes and additional audio (hearing) aspect
  • Psychological evaluation

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