How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Mesa, Arizona

Emergency dispatchers in Mesa are called public safety dispatchers and are hired directly by the city of Mesa, Arizona. They work in the Mesa Police Communications Center and dispatch police, fire, and EMS services. Mesa has a need for good public safety dispatchers as they are often the first contact the public has during or after an emergency. Additional factors which call for professional public safety dispatchers in Mesa include:

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  • Your chances of being a victim of crime in Mesa are 1 in 29.
  • Mesa has a higher rate of rape and assault than the national average.
  • Mesa is only safer than 17 % of U.S. cities.

The steps to becoming a 911 public safety dispatcher in Mesa include:

Meet Education and Job Skills Requirements
Apply For a Position in Mesa
Complete Testing And Oral Boards
Background, Polygraph, Medical Exam, Psychological Exam
On-the-Job Training



Step 1. Meet Education and Job Skills Requirements

To become a public safety dispatcher in Mesa you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. But considering the nature of the job and the demands required of those in the profession, obtaining higher education in recommended.

You can check with any of a number of Mesa area colleges and institutes for courses which will help you in your career as an emergency dispatcher. Some of the better courses and majors to consider include:

  • Criminology. A degree in criminology will give you a high level of knowledge related to the theory of criminal justice. Considering much of the work you do as an emergency dispatcher may involve criminal behavior, a foundation in criminology could prove very helpful.
  • Juris Doctor of Law. Knowing the local and state laws would prove invaluable in helping callers to better navigate their options when in an emergency or non-emergency situations. Obtaining a juris doctor will give you a firm foundation in these laws.
  • Applied Psychology. A degree in applied psychology will give you a base in how people think and knowing why they act the way they do. This will help you to better connect with callers and help them to make better decisions

Public safety dispatchers in Mesa are paid a salary ranging from $42,411 to $57,075. There are numerous qualifications you will need to meet in order to apply for the position. These requirements include:

  • One to three years in a public contact position
  • Experience in dispatching police, fire, or EMS
  • Typing ability of 35 words per minute.


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Step 2. Apply For a Position in Mesa

To apply for the position of public safety dispatcher you must go online and register to Mesa’s job application engine. From there select the public safety dispatcher position and then follow the application steps. Or you can apply in person at:

Human Resources Office
20 E. Main Street, Suite 130
Mesa, AZ 85201



Step 3. Complete Testing And Oral Boards

Once your application has been received and it has been determined that you meet the minimum requirements, you will be sent a study guide and invitation to take a pre-employment test. The test is multiple-choice and will cover such topics as:

  • Map reading
  • Listening skills
  • Making proper judgments
  • Following directions

If you pass the test with a 70% or better you will be scheduled for an oral board (interview.)



Step 4. Background, Polygraph, Medical Exam, Psychological Exam


  • If you successfully pass the oral boards you will then be subjected to a background check and then scheduled to have an interview with a human resource representative to review it.
  • After passing the background check you will be scheduled for a polygraph (lie detector.)
  • After passing the polygraph you will be subject to a health screen which includes a drug test and vision test. A general health consultation will also be conducted, but will not include a physical fitness exam. No running or push-up will be required.
  • Finally, you will be subject to a written psychological exam and an interview with a psychologist.

If you pass all the above requirements you may be offered a position on the team.


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Step 5. On-the-Job Training

In order to successfully complete your job duties as a public safety dispatcher you will need to master the following:

  • Familiarity with Mesa’s geography and landmarks
  • Mastery of police and fire terminology
  • Mastery of relevant computer systems and incidence logging procedures
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Mastery of attention to detail

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