How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Working at the Laramie County Combined Communications Center as a 911 dispatcher, you will be based out of Cheyenne and responsible for providing emergency police, fire, and medical dispatch to the entire county. Last year there were 70 dispatchers working in Cheyenne, earning an average salary of $39,360. Along with your teammates you will mount a response to the tens of thousands of calls that come in to the Combined Communications Center yearly.

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If you are prepared to develop your skills and enhance your credentials, then review these steps to become a 911 dispatcher in Laramie County:

Enhance Your Qualifications through Education
Apply with the Combined Communications Center
Basic Required Training in Laramie County
Additional Resources



Step 1. Enhance Your Qualifications through Education

You can consider obtaining a relevant degree. When considering a large pool of applicants for 911 jobs in Laramie County, a common means of distinguishing among candidates is to see who has the best education. There are two colleges in Cheyenne and more located online where you can find:

    • Degree in Emergency Management, that includes courses such as:
      • Integrated Emergency Management
      • Preparedness and Technology


    • Degree in Homeland Security, with courses in:
      • Terrorism Threats and Strategies
      • Police and Fire Organization and Management
      • Critical Incident Stress Management


  • Degree in Law Enforcement, with courses including:
    • Tactical Communications
    • Spanish for Law Enforcement



Step 2. Applying with the Combined Communications Center in Laramie County

You can check the current employment announcements for both the City of Cheyenne and County of Laramie online. The Combined Communications Center can also post job announcements on its Facebook page. As an emergency dispatcher, you will be hired as part of the Combined Communications Department. You can only apply for 911 dispatcher jobs, officially known as Emergency Communications Dispatcher, when there is a vacancy posted.

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Besides responding to calls from the public for assistance, you will also be part of the county’s emergency warning and response system in the event of a major natural or man-made event.



Step 3. Laramie County Basic Required Training

Although officially no 911 dispatcher training is required before you complete a job application, obtaining any of the following training you will receive after hire can increase the appeal of your initial bid:


    • Radio procedures
    • Strategies for dealing with emotional situations
    • Terminal Operators License

You must obtain these certifications within two years of being hired.


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Step 4. Additional Resources

You can never have too much education when it comes to saving lives. There are several organizations that offer continuing education and 911 operator training, and these include:

You are additionally required to re-certify as a communications officer every two years by obtaining 20 hours of POST-approved training. With your experience, education, and training combined, as a responsible and qualified 911 dispatcher you can continue to save lives and advance your career over time.

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