How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in South Burlington, Vermont

As a public safety dispatcher working at the South Burlington Emergency Communications Center you will be responsible for obtaining vital information from callers in emergency situations, then dispatching the appropriate first-responder units in the form of police, fire, and emergency medical service providers. You will have the latest in computer dispatching technology at your disposal, backed up by an extensive 911 operator training program you must complete before you will be entrusted with the responsibility of dispatching independently.

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Researching how to become a 911 dispatcher in South Burlington will provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether this career path is right for you. Consider the following steps:

Become Qualified for Employment in South Burlington
Apply with the South Burlington Police Department
Career Development

Often times you will encounter callers in desperate situations- for example last year South Burlington emergency operators fielded calls from victims of the following crimes:

  • 771 property crimes
  • 14 aggravated assaults
  • 89 burglaries
  • 2 cases of rape
  • 3 cases of motor vehicle theft



Step 1. Become Qualified for Employment in South Burlington

As you learn about how to become a 911 operator in South Burlington and the training programs associated with this process, also keep in mind that the police department prefers to hire candidates who have at least an associate degree. Having a degree in any of the following subjects will also demonstrate a commitment to your particular field of expertise and be relevant when you are considered for promotions.

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There are at least three local colleges offering programs in relevant fields, with more resources to be found online:

  • Psychology
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Science
  • Communications
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Safety
  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security

There is much demand for 911 dispatcher jobs in South Burlington because of the high wage – last year an average of $39,730 in the Burlington-South Burlington region – in relation with the eligibility requirements. For this reason you will want to distinguish yourself as a strong candidate. This can be accomplished by obtaining relevant 911 dispatcher training, such as:



Step 2. Apply with the South Burlington Police Department

To apply for 911 dispatcher jobs in South Burlington submit the following documents to the Deputy Chief in charge of hiring with the South Burlington Police Department at 19 Gregory Drive in Suite 2. You can also check the police department’s application webpage were you will find the email address to send these documents electronically:

Working as part of the South Burlington Police Department, you will be with an agency that is proud of being among the first in the state to:

  • Implement a DARE program
  • Become accredited with the Commission on Accreditation
  • Introduce the new records management system VALCOUR


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Step 3. Your Career Development

As you start to gain experience working as an emergency dispatcher you will want to ensure you keep up with the latest developments in your field. This is important because it will make you a better dispatcher which results in more lives saved and better career opportunities. You can stay informed by keeping track of local conferences and workshops in your area offered in collaboration with agencies such as:

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