How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma

911 emergency communications for citizens of Tulsa, Oklahoma, are provided by Tulsa’s 911 Center, a division of the City of Tulsa’s Public Safety Communications department. This call center, which provides both emergency and non-emergency communications services, represents not only the fire and police departments of Tulsa, but the following agencies, as well:

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  • Berryill Fire Department
  • Catoosa Fire Department
  • Oak Grover Fire Department
  • Sperry Fire Department
  • Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Catoosa Police Department
  • Sperry Police Department

The 911 Center’s telecommunicators provide communications support to all regional law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies through state-of-the-art radio, telephone, and computer technology.

If you want to become a 911 dispatcher for the 911 Center in Tulsa, you must complete a number of steps:

Meet Minimum Requirements for Employment in Tulsa
Apply for Employment in Tulsa and Complete the Pre-Employment Process
Complete 911 Dispatcher Training



Step 1. Meet Minimum Requirements for Employment in Tulsa

Before applying for a 911 dispatcher job in Tulsa with the 911 Center, you must ensure you meet the minimum requirements for employment. You must possess a high school diploma or GED, and you must have some experience with general office, customer services, public safety, or military communications experience that includes data entry and/or public contact. A combination of training and experience may be accepted to meet the minimum requirements.

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A degree program, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, may prove to be a very useful component of your preparation to become a 911 dispatcher. Many agencies seek individuals with college degrees for higher level positions, and some agencies accept college coursework as a substitution for experience.

Many individuals in this field of work choose to pursue degrees in:

  • Public Safety
  • Communications
  • Emergency Management
  • Homeland Security
  • Criminal Justice



Step 2. Apply for Employment in Tulsa and Complete the Pre-Employment Process

You may either use the City of Tulsa’s website application process or apply in person at the City of Tulsa’s Employment Office, which is located at 175 East Second Street, Suite 280.

Upon receipt of your application, an HR Analyst will review your application to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for employment. The HR Analyst will then contact you to arrange a testing time (if the department is currently hiring). All applicants can be expected to test using CritiCall software, which provides assessment on a number of topics, including:

  • Data entry
  • Call summarization
  • Memory recall
  • Listening and reading comprehension

If you pass the initial test, you will interview with an analyst from the employment office. All candidates for 911 dispatcher jobs must sit in with a 911 dispatcher for at least two hours. During this time, you will be encouraged to ask questions to get a better understanding of the position of a 911 operator.

A panel interview, which consists of a panel of communications staff and personnel, will then take place, and they will make the final decision whether you will become a 911 operator with the 911 Center.

If you are selected to become a 911 dispatcher, you will need to complete a full medical examination, which includes a hearing test, a drug test, and a fitness exam, and undergo a background investigation.



Step 3. Complete 911 Dispatcher Training

The City of Tulsa actively recruits new 911 operators and trains existing 911 operators through classroom training and in-service training classes.

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New training involves obtaining and maintaining certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD), CPR certification, and certification as an Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications Terminal Operator.

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