Salaries for 911 Operators in North Dakota

Based on information provided by the North Dakota Workforce Intelligence Network, salaries for 911 operators in North Dakota are heavily dependent on both experience and location. The median salary in North Dakota among emergency dispatchers is $35,790, which is an hourly wage of $17.21. However, those considered entry-level are noted to earn $27,140 while those at the experienced end of the spectrum may average $40,030, a difference of roughly 32%.

According to salary information obtained from the North Dakota Workforce Intelligence Network, it appears as though Bismarck is the highest paying area in the state for 911 operators. In Bismarck, there is a median salary of $39,810. The average starting salary there is $34,220 and the experienced salary $43,160. Those salaries are significantly higher than the statewide figures, particularly the entry-level salary which is higher by 20.7%.

The North Dakota Workforce Intelligence Network also reports the following salaries among 911 operators in Fargo:

  • Entry Level: $34,190
  • Median: $38,160
  • Experienced: $40,260

Below is a table provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which details additional salary information regarding 911 dispatchers in North Dakota:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bismarck ND
East Central North Dakota nonmetropolitan area
Estimate Not Released