How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Stamford, Connecticut

At only 30 miles from Manhattan, the coastal city of Stamford, Connecticut is part of the New York Metropolitan Area. When residents of Stamford need help, 911 calls are answered by operators at the Stamford Police Department Emergency Communications Center, a subdivision of the Department of Public Safety, Health and Welfare. These 911 operators are responsible for dispatching police, fire and ambulance units. They also answer routine calls made to the police department.

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The steps you need to take to become a 911 dispatcher in Stamford, Connecticut are as follows:

Consider your Education Options and Fulfill Basic Requirements
Earn EMD and NCIC Certifications
Apply for Available Jobs in Stamford
Complete Training and Begin Work in Stamford



Step 1. Consider your Education Options and Fulfill Basic Requirements

Although you do not need any formal education beyond high school to apply for a 911 operator job in Stamford, a degree in a field like criminal justice or public safety will give you a significant advantage over the competition. A degree will also prove to be an asset for later promotion to a supervisory position.

There are at least three colleges or universities within the city of Stamford as well as several accredited online schools. When all else is equal, the candidate with a college degree is more likely to be chosen for a position over someone with only a high school diploma.

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A recent job opening for Public Safety Dispatcher I in Stamford, CT listed the following requirements for the job:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Possession of EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) and NCIC (National Crime Information Center) certifications OR able to acquire within first year of employment
  • Able to type at least 40 wpm
  • Computer proficient
  • No criminal background
  • No history of drug/alcohol abuse
  • Level-headed and detail oriented
  • Ability to pass an examination to test required skills
  • Ability to pass a rigorous background check



Step 2. Earn EMD and NCIC Certifications

Earning these required certifications before applying for the job will give you another advantage over the competition. CPR certification is a prerequisite for taking the EMD class. If you have not already learned how to administer CPR (everyone should), the two or three-hour class is regularly offered to the public by the American Red Cross, the National Safety Council, the American Heart Association or through your local police or fire department.

EMD certification is granted by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch. Contact them for dates and sites where classes are offered in your area. EMD certification classes are also offered by PowerPhone Total Response System. The three-day course includes such topics as:

  • Emergency Dispatch Process
  • Phases of EMD
  • Common Types of Shock
  • Pediatric Emergencies
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Pre-arrival Instructions for Cardiac Incidents, Childbirth, Gunshot Wounds, Chocking, etc.
  • Common Misconceptions

Certification is good for two years and can be renewed. The National Academies of Emergency Dispatch also offer certification courses for EFD (Emergency Fire Dispatch) and EPD (Emergency Police Dispatch).

The National Crime Information Center of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a vast computerized network that lists fugitives/wanted persons, criminal records of persons convicted of crimes, stolen properties and missing persons. Only criminal justice agencies have access to the NCIC network and certification is necessary for individuals using the system. An online study guide is available that will prepare you for certification testing.



Step 3. Apply for Available Jobs in Stamford

The City of Stamford Department of Human Resources is the clearinghouse for all city jobs, including public safety dispatcher jobs. Applications are only accepted for open positions, which are listed on the Human Resources website. Click on the open position for a description of the job requirements and an online application.

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Applications can also be obtained from the city government offices at

888 Washington Blvd.
P.O. Box 10153
Stamford, CT 06901
Telephone:  201-977-4070



Step 4. Complete Training and Begin Work in Stamford

In Connecticut, all new public safety dispatchers are required to complete a 50-hour course provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Telecommunications. You will also receive on-the-job training alongside an experienced 911 operator.

The salary range for Public Safety Dispatcher I in Stamford is $57,621 to $68,060/year.

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